Comet Sales Consulting provides time-tested, proven sales workshops to provide the key “survival” skills necessary for highly successful sales teams. These interactive, instructor-led workshops focus on creating or improving upon customer-centric, solution-based sales methodologies. Creating a focus on the customer enables better, more successful outcomes while forging deeper, more long-term connections with our customers.

At Comet Sales Consulting, we believe salespeople truly want to be successful, yet, in many cases, they are not sure how to get there…and they are afraid to ask. However, we should treat sales as a career, not a job. Our team has a passion for helping people enhance their sales skills and life skills. Training and coaching these skills creates high-performing sales teams full of competent sales leaders.

Comet Sales Consulting was founded in 2007 by Steve Dana in Dallas, TX USA.  The Singapore location was added in 2015 to focus on the diverse Asia Pacific sales teams as well. We focus our workshops on Soft Skills & Sales Skills Coaching, Guided Sales Methodology Training, Customer Success Storytelling, Leadership Mentoring, and Sales Management Training.

We are Building Sales Leaders!

Training Modules

Below is a list of the various blocks of instructor-led modules provided by Comet Sales Consulting.

This is a list of the various blocks of instructor-led modules provided by Comet Sales Consulting. It is not all-inclusive. We follow the Customer-Centric Sales methodology. There may be recommended prerequisite courses for some modules. We have also listed the approximate time it takes for delivery. Note that different cultures and language skills may affect timing of delivery. Currently, all instruction is delivered in English. Many of the blocks above can be mixed to create a custom curriculum designed especially for your company’s requirements. Some modules require pre-work by the Consultant to tailor for each company.

About Steve

Steve Dana has been integrating Sales Team Management and Sales Training for over 20 years. Originally degreed in Education out of university, Steve quickly found the refreshing world of Sales. He found his passion. It didn’t take long for him to realize he could have the best of both worlds by teaching sales to his teams.

Of late, Steve is engaging all aspects of Sales teams and Sales leadership. Working with Sales leaders, he plays a mentoring role in aligning strategic planning, sales cultural development as well as tactical team management. With Sales reps as individual contributors, Steve is training both technical and soft sales skills. With his “been-there, done-that, botched-that, learned-from-that” coaching style, he is inspiring future leaders in areas of improvement such as customer-centric sales methodology, business storytelling, time management, effective questioning techniques and accurate opportunity forecasting.

One of Steve’s favorite prescriptive mantras in business (and in life) is: “If you take care of today, tomorrow will take care of itself.” If we do the daily tasks to be successful today, we lay the groundwork to reap the benefits of tomorrow. Laser-focus on today’s plan ensures tomorrow’s goal achievements.

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Steve Dana is a teacher and a motivator at heart with a true passion for helping others to be inspired, educated and willing to work hard in order to achieve unlimited success. He is Building Sales Leaders.

Please contact us today for a discussion around the ways Comet Sales Consulting can help build sales leaders on your sales team.

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