Saleswhale is an AI sales assistant that helps your sales team scale lead qualification via two-way email conversation.

Traditional marketing automation is too impersonal, and only capable of one-way communication. Saleswhale is the first conversational AI platform that actually has a two-way conversation with your leads – engaging them, qualifying them and even sending them relevant sales collateral. This allows you to open up new and interesting lead engagement strategies for your business.

Contact: Ly Nguyen at +65 8743 7420,


Pearl Promises is the first trendsetting online jewelry store in Singapore to offer first-rate Cultured Akoya Pearls, fresh from the Akoya Pearl Oyster. We believe in delivering exceptional customer service by creating a hands-on experience for customers and their loved ones: from opening your Oyster, to harvesting your very own Pearl, caring for your Pearl, and eventually have the Pearl worn as your crowning glory.  Because a Promise made, is a Promise kept.  

Contact: Caryn Cheng, Founder of Pearl Promises


PRE:MIND is about creating new and unique personal experiences. PRE:MIND’s technology solution adds value to existing high-end customer loyalty programs by empowering a brand’s customer-facing personnel to be more effective and to provide a greatly enhanced customer experience. Across the spectrum of key VIP customer retention strategies. For the 20% of customers that generate 70-80% of revenue, PRE:MIND helps the brand’s personnel to cultivate a human connection.

Contact: Anissa Margono, Director @+65 9758 7666